Thursday, September 22, 2011

Juliet Immortal -speech/ review

Ok, as my blog post several weeks ago mentioned, I had to create a speech for a book for an English Task. As promised, I'm going to be posting my oh-so-awesome speech. Be excited, I won!!!!
Ok, there was a slight problem... there only being 3 entries, but hey... don't burst my bubble. They were tough competition, or so I tell myself so I can sleep at night :)

Please don't use or copy or paraphrase without asking guys, it will make me sad, and when I’m sad, I cry, and when I cry I look horrid, but then I stop, and I get angry, and when I get angry people get hurt. mwahahahaha

So, in case you missed my very thinly veiled threat. Don't use my speech in anyway, unless of course you've got my permission :) thanks, Appreciate it.

And now without any further ado:

Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?
Trying to kill you! That’s where he is!

Ugh, the dreaded Romeo and Juliet, yeah the tragic love story of the two who died for love, the dismal ending that generations upon generations of students have pondered. Was it really necessary for the lust-struck Juliet to stab herself through the heart in the name of love? What if I were to tell you that Shakespeare had it wrong, it was just a false cover story for what atrocity really happened that day? Yes, you heard me right, the world renowned and iconic story of love and tragedy is all a lie. Juliet didn’t pass away peacefully hand in hand with her one true love, no, she was murdered. Murdered in cold blood.

Who wants to hear of the same stories, vampires, werewolves, vampiric werewolves when you can have Ambassadors of Light and Mercenaries of the Apocalypse? So the dark and light things are a little old, but wait til you hear what they do! The sole purpose of an ambassador of light is to stop the mercenaries from succeeding in their goal. Here’s some background info just to get you up to speed: Soul mates, true lovers only meet once in about 50 years, despite the claims of many desperate teenagers. “But I love him”, no you don't. Anyway that’s where the Mercenaries come in; their goal is to persuade one of the lovers to betray the other for the promise of an eternity of happiness. With the Mercenaries of the Apocalypse wrecking havoc in the world, true lovers are becoming an endangered species.

And cue Juliet; betrayed by her own lover on the night of her wedding, she’s joined the Ambassadors with the sole purpose of ruining Romeo’s plans. The 2 have battled it out for 7 hundred years now, and fate has once again brought them together. Called back to earth, Juliet sets about protecting the soul mates only to discover that this trip is not at all as planned.

"Did you miss me love?” He kisses me on the cheek, a rough, playful kiss that leaves a bit of wet behind. Dylan had died after all. And Romeo has found a corpse. It’s my last thought before his hands are around my throat.
Despite her own wishes, Juliet finds herself falling in love, and Romeo, O Romeo is going to stop at nothing to ensure she never sees her love again...

So think about it, you’re all intelligent people so I don’t need to tell you it’s the perfect book, no, you know that it’s the perfect book. So, who’d want an average book with average characters and average storylines when you can have a story of love, loss and murder? The perfect blend of action, betrayal and love, with a plot that twists and turns so much it’ll make your head spin. Read Juliet Immortal and discover the truth.


Please note, it sounds far better when you have me **cough** screaming it at you, and doing high-pitched voices at random intervals. Yes it may not be the best work, but I’m happy :)

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