Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Still under suspicion after helping Rose escape in Last Sacrifice, Sydney now finds herself protecting the one thing that's keeping Lissa on the throne: Jill Dragomir. Joined by Dhampir Guardian Eddie, and Moroi Adrian, the unlikely group set out and hide... in Palm Springs. Enrolled in a prestigious boarding school as siblings, Sydney's duty is to protect Jill at all costs, but Palm Springs isn't at all what it seems and something far more sinister, that threatens the entire mission, hides just around the corner...

Richelle Mead has struck once more!
After mourning the end of the brilliant Vampire Academy series I think I ran around the house screaming in joy at the announcement of Bloodlines **eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee**
I'm so happy!

Yes. Anyways. Alchemist Sydney Sage has returned once more in the riveting new series Bloodlines.
She's smart, she's determined and she has slight OCD. Oh well, you can't have it all :)
Sydney fights throughout the book, in her own little way, with fervor and determination. Richelle develops this unlikely Alchemist into the perfect heroine! I personally quite like Sydney, she has boundaries and character, and she isn't a perfect unrealistic brat! Sydney is a very protective character even though she may not do it in the most elegant of ways; she tries her best to keep those around her from harm. Her naivety is charming; one of my favourite scenes would be her turning down a date... with logic. Hilarious! I don't think I’ve laughed so hard in a while!

Adrian is BACK!!!! **lweijrlqwfoqweordrjQALSCJKHVGASKD;CLASaikfgakfjoqwdeqw** Yes, I could think of nothing to asterisk about so I just let my fingers attack the keyboard... kswherfwayefdiujaw
He's as charming and confusing as ever! Still recovering from his love sickness, Adrian is more vulnerable than ever in Bloodlines. I don't think I've heard him apologize so much in one book (twice) But don't worry, Adrian's still got that laid back attitude that keeps him so addictive. And yes. His hands still don't do manual labor; that is until Sydney gets to him. hehehe. His quirky comments are the cause of many stitches due to my unstoppable laughing attacks. eeeeeeeee

Jill is also present in this novel, along with Eddie and several other characters. Rose makes a brief appearance and is as kick-ass as ever :) I am so glad that Bloodlines is set in the same world as Vampire Academy, I think my heart is finally starting to heal from the damage the series inflicted by ending. :) It's always an exceptional feeling when there are mentions of characters from Vampire Academy.

I can't say how pleased I am that Adrian comes back and gets a second chance! I'm honestly hoping that he and Sydney get together and have the adorable and cute relationship that they deserve! I can't believe how sad he was when Rose left him, and I really hope that Bloodlines will help him to recover.

The plot overall was very unpredictable, or you think you can predict what's going to happen and then at the last moment the plot twists and drops a massive bombshell on you! The story was very well written (duh it's Richelle Mead) and also very engaging. There were secrets hiding under every little crack and crevice! There were several huge twists in the story and though I won't mention what they are, I’m telling you now they are huge! Not little-huge, no not even elephant huge. Huge like a galaxy's worth or stars huge! The ending was so goooooood!!! And of course, Richelle wouldn't be Richelle if she didn't leave us hanging... her parting gift was another cliff hanger- I don't think I’m going to make it!

Can’t wait for the Golden Lily. Ooooooh, it even sounds good :) And it's soooooooo pretty! :)

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