Monday, September 19, 2011

Clary's Sketchbook-- Mortal Instrument Series- fan made

Dang, have i ever mentioned my absolute love for the Mortal Instruments series? ooh! and the Infernal Devices too!
No? **gasp of horror** I can't believe i've never mentioned my undying love for the series. **blushes in shame** Well, now you know, i love the Mortal Instruments! They are absolutely amazing! If you haven't already read the series, read them. I was captivated by page one of City of Bones, and i'm sure you will be too.
This was something made by a fan that Cassandra Clare shared on her blog.
It's so cute!
click >>here<<
I love it! I'm not sure who it is who made it, but it's awesome!
reeeaaadddd the seeerrieeesss!!!!!

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