Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

Yeah... this one's a little late :)

Meghan Chase thought it was all over, that she could just live out the rest of her days with her banished Knight by her side. She was wrong. She was so, so wrong. The Iron fey that she thought she’d left behind have returned to drag her back to her end, because a false King has risen and that false king wants to eliminate any threat against him... starting with Meghan.

This time there are no second chances, this time there is no turning back. And in the end, Meghan will be forced to choose and her choice will impact not only herself, but the rest of the fey...

I laughed, I cried and now I have a gaping hole in my chest.
Why? Julie, Why?

Meghan returns in a flurry of action. She’s grown so much since the first book, she’s changed from the stubborn yet courageous girl determined to save her brother into something more. Meghan has done so much, words cannot do her justice! She’s saved the fey, battled monsters and still she can’t have her happy ending...
The Iron Queen, the title gives it away a little but regardless we all knew that this had to come, the consequences however are what make the story interesting and alluring.

Ash, dark and brooding and willing to relinquish his title and his life for Meghan, we all know that he is completely devoted and willing to go to the ends of the earth for her. The ending of this novel completely threw me, and yes as mentioned above, I cry. And am still crying. The ending was one so fitting yet so wrong, Julie really knows how to leave an audience crying.

They say love can withstand all, well in this case let’s hope it does.

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