Saturday, September 17, 2011

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater


ok. now i shall compose myself :)

Beautiful... Breathtakingly beautiful.
I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending.

Remember that ridiculous ending of Linger that nearly-caused-many-crazed-fans-to-jump-off-cliffs,-but-then-changed-their-minds-because-they-have-to-wait-for-Forever-to-come-out??? Yeah well, now I think it's safe to say that all suicidal thoughts have rushed from their minds. **sigh** so beautiful.

“It was a strangely disorienting feeling, to have something you'd relied on for so long start to change, like finding out that gravity no longer worked on Mondays.”

Grace is a wolf now, leaving Sam alone and uncertain his little world, she was meant to be there with him, and she'd want to be with him... if only she could remember. As a wolf, Grace runs free in the woods, the pack as her companions, but she still remembers the strange boy with yellow eyes, her wolf's eyes. She is free, she is happy, and then she shifts back... Grace finds that she's still very unstable, shifting with the temperature, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for less. And finally she manages to find Sam.

Sam, lost and confused, and shaking with longing can barely believe it when out of the blue Grace calls him, after days and months of longing, she finally calls. Unlikely as it is, the two manage to find their way back to each other, but fate just won't let them be, Tom Culpepper's just organised a hunt, a wolf hunt, to wipe out Every. Single. Wolf.
And he's doing it in 14days...

It's a race against time, Forever follows Sam, Grace, Cole and Isabelle as they rush to find a cure, or at least a way to save the wolves... before it’s too late.

As with all the previous books, Forever is a little slow at first, but it's alright because once again it's slowly building up to a magnificent ending. Forces with clash, family collide, and corpses will be left behind...

Sam and Grace have such a beautiful connection, they're linked together somehow. Their relationship is gentle and understanding. Any sane reader would take one look at their relationship, no matter how complicated (they do turn into wolves and all :D ) and wish the two a happy ending. Sam is so gentle, it's like he was made for Grace (well, technically they are made for each other because Maggie did create them), Sam's a dreamer, Grace is logical and their differences balance each other out. I think I cried a little --Ahem-- A lot, throughout the book. I don't really read "lovey-dovey” romances but I could actually find myself "feeling" what the characters felt, I cried for Grace, I cried for Sam, I even cried for Cole. Personally it was way too much crying :) but i couldn't help it (don’t tell anyone, it'll ruin my hardcore image :P)

Cole, he's the one I found myself liking more and more, sure Sam's nice and all, but I found him too nice! Cole on the other hand was troubled, and dangerous, but he was changing all throughout the book. He finds himself and that's what I like about him, the events within a book are meant to change the characters, as well as the readers. I think it's safe to say that Maggie's hit the nail on the head. Her style of writing is so poetic, it's musical even. And there’s no doubt her characters are changed for life.

Maggie always has the best endings, albeit a little depressing at times. The beginning of the book may drag a little but the ending-- oh man-- they're good. I think I might actually forgive her for that dismal ending in Lament, and that punishing cliff hanger at the end of Linger!

**sigh** I am so sad, I want to cry but my oh-so-tough exterior is begging me not to :) oh-what-does-it-matter **cries a little more** the end of another great series, the wait for Maggie's next one... the pain, i can't stand the pain...
THE SCORPIO RACES!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I can't wait.
yes. you can see i recovered quickly! :D that's because The Scorpio Races is coming out soon :)

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