Sunday, November 27, 2011

Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder

Avry's been on the run for 3 years because of her gift, the ability to cure someone's injuries by laying her hands on them and assuming the injury onto herself. She is one of the last Healers. Healers like herself were blamed for starting the disastrous plague that wiped out many, and because of that they've been hunted to near extinction.

Avry is tired of running, and finds herself saving a dying child, at the risk of being caught. And caught she is, only to be rescued by a band of men who value her gift and treasure it.

She finds herself travelling with them and eventually befriending them, but the 15 realms are on the brink of war, and the mission of the men soon reveals itself. An enemy Prince has contracted the plague, and she is the only one who can cure him. She is the last of the Healers.

The Prince may be the only one who can restore peace, but the cost of saving him could be her own life...


Grrr, my blurby thing doesn't do the book justice. If I had my way, I'd just make everyone read it :)

Maria V Snyder has struck once more. Never let it be said that Maria isn't a brilliant author!

I love love lovie love Touch of Power, the story line is brilliant and unpredictable with plot twists happening so fast I was honestly afraid I'd miss something important if I dared to close my eyes. The writing was sophisticated and extensive but not so much that I (with my meagre vocabulary) couldn't understand it. This is a breath of pure fresh air (well, maybe not too pure because that would cause illness) Touch of Power reminded me that there are books out there that are the stuff of freaking legend, it has reminded me why I adore Maria V Snyder (not that my devotion ever wavered)

At about 400 pages, I can tell you now it won't take you that long to read it, you could argue that 400 pages is quite long, but I can assure you that the pages will turn by themselves. You could also say that the book might drag at times, but it's probably impossible for one to get bored when there is action on almost every page. Betrayals at the most unpredictable of times and by the most unsuspected people. Trust me on this one, you'll love it!

So, the main character. Avry. She is one of the best heroines I think I've encountered in all my years of reading. And yes, the fact that she throws knives may have been the deciding factor (I completely and utterly adore knife throwing). So I suppose you guys won't take my word on this and will need proof, right? Well, proof I shall give! Avry is smart, very smart but she's not impossibly smart, she's not one of those weird perfect characters that authors put in books who always seem to find a solution despite the fact that there are no clues anywhere. No. Avry puts the clues together, she thinks in a logical and rational way and dares to think outside of the box.

next. She's is kickass, hahaha! Pity the poor fool who decides to try to attack her, she'll have knives in them in seconds, but despite all her skill in knife throwing she doesn't kill. She'll maim, but not kill. Yay for her!

Another thing is that she's a genuinely nice person. Children are her obvious weakness, she'll do almost anything to help them, despite endangering herself. I just really like that. She thinks of others and not just herself.

Ok. Now that I've finished stating how awesome Avry is, I'll move on to the other characters in general. They've all got spunk, I'll give them that. You can't say that any of them are like another. I have to say that some of the characters remind me of the ones in the Study series, (another awesome series by the way), especially the funny ones. You can tell that Maria V Snyder has put a lot of effort into developing these characters and making them feel real not just another name to fill in the gap.

I just want to say, that Touch of Power is the perfect combination of fantasy, action and romance. It's cute, it's funny, it's absolutely perfect.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Illusions by Aprilynne Pike

Finding out you're a faerie isn't easy...

It has been months since Laurel last saw Tamani, and her relationship with David is now stronger than ever. But when an all too familiar face enrols in her school, Laurel knows that something is up. Tamani has returned, and with him, trouble.

Once again Laurel finds herself drawn to Tamani, his unearthliness sends sparks flying but she knows she's already made her choice, and that David is still waiting for her. Although Laurel might have made her decision, Tamani is less keen in leaving her with a human for a companion, and the rivalry between David and Tamani soon spirals out of control.

Months have passed without a single troll sighting, but a new arrival causes unease and paranoia to rise in their midst... because this arrival is different, this arrival is fey.

The storm draws near as Laurel and the others uncover knowledge about the trolls and a new threatening force. Danger lies around every corner and they must find out if the new faerie is friend or foe, before it all comes crumbling down.


et voila!
That was my summary/ blurb.

Ok. I suppose I shall once again start on the characters, it seems I'm doing that quite a lot these days :)
eenie, meenie, miney, mo. LAUREL. of course, it is no surprise that I shall start with her, she is the protagonist after all... Ok. Laurel... I have quite a lot to say about her character but I shan't, well... I will, and I'll try to make it understandable.

Laurel: beautiful, talented and faerie. I find that she's a little too perfect. Someone as perfect as her shouldn't be a protagonist, because simply put, the story can't go anywhere. I don't like her. There, I said it. She's just so... eugh! She can't seem to make up her choice, David, Tamani. Tamani, David. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I really do hate undecided characters... Love triangles are just getting old... at least ones that have now dragged for 3 books do. Yes there was a time when the idea was quite thrilling but now... **snore**
Now Laurel dearie, I must say, when you stated "I made my choice" in Spells. I believe that I was over the moon because finally, yes finally, I thought you'd made a decision...
I had to sit there for the majority of the book listening, reading about Laurel's relationship problems.

There is only one word for describing this: gluttony
Laurel clearly needs to decide between either David or Tamani, but her own selfish-nous and greed ends up hurting both parties... I have to say, bravo Laurel! If you wanted to be stupid, you've hit that head on!

She's just so hyprocritical, "David, you should trust me". Hm... that's a lot easier to do, if she weren't pining after Tamani. Yeah. trust. pffssssshhh

There also the matter that she is in such denial, I am humiliated for her. She's all like: no, no, what are you talking about? I don't like Tamani. When I do believe nearly every page contains the word Tamani at least one. And she often has to physically shake herself to get rid of her thoughts of Tamani. Not. obsessive. at. all.
Honestly, this is just getting so old right now, I don't think I can take it anymore.

And now Tamani, does this boy have no freaking brains. It's cute that he wants to go after the girl of his childhood, and that he'll do anything for her. But has he no dignity? Laurel has turned him down so many times now, I've lost count. She's left him for David, stated that she "made her choice". (which in reality meant she was being a mope-y bum) and Tamani still goes for her, that has no appeal whatsoever, because that, that is just plain embarrassing. Sure you can argue that she still loves him, but if she really did, then it would have been him that she ran to, he would have been the first choice, and frankly, there shouldn't have been a huge debate about who to choose. See?

David. Not important, just a blob put in there to complete the triangle, I don't even think he's done anything of that great an importance, he just hangs around making Laurel feel like she chose the right guy, he's the jealous type. meh. like I said... he's quite boring.

Another issue I had with this book was that it didn't go anywhere, at least the majority of it didn't. Practically 3 quarters of it were wasted on Laurel and her ridiculous relationship problems... I really didn't want to read a book about that. the final quarter finally looked up a tad (though it wasn't enough to redeem the first part)... only to end in a cliff-hanger... oh great << **severe sarcasm** The writing could have been improved because, this is one of the lines in the story:
"'I have no choice but to crumble like a . . . chocolate cookie. Or whatever,' she(Chelsea) said when Laurel eyed her. 'My metaphors suck. Let’s go.'"

there. I'd like to draw attention to the fact that that wasn't a metaphor, that was a simile. Ok. I may be over analysing bits, and I don't know if that was meant to be deliberate, but seeing as Chelsea's character is supposedly very smart. I don't think she'd say that.

Yep. That is all I have time to mope about. I, personally am quite disappointed in this story. Spells was already pushing my patience with the whole, love triangle thing and this one has just pushed me past the line. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! The next book, oh yeah, that's right, there's a next book... o_O

well, it better stop the ridiculous love triangle because this is just going too far. On the bright side Illusions seems to have wrapped most of the love triangle up assuming that Laurel doesn't change her mind, which knowing her, she probably will... **sigh**
I'll just have to wait and see...

****I swear, I've made this sound so much worse than I actually felt, see? it's 3/5 stars meaning i liked it. I think I've focused on the negatives waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much... ooopsies.****

******* I may not have liked this book, but I can tell you that there are hundreds, probably thousands of people out there who loved it. These are just my opinions and I'm extremely sorry if I've offended anyone.********

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nightshade by Maryrose Wood

The dark and dangerous just got more twisted...

Jessamine Luxton's love, Weed, has disappeared without a trace, leaving her questioning the depth of his love for her. Suspecting her own shifty father, Jessamine digs into a world full of lies, she can no longer choose to believe that her father was the lonely man that watched over her...

The poison has seeped into Jessamine's soul, destroying her innocence and naivety. No longer is she the clueless child, for now she has been poisoned and has gained a new view of the world... a world full of lies, manipulation and death...

Jessamine's been good all her life, and now it's her turn for vengeance.


Ok. So that summary may not have made sense, sort of rushing at the moment. Things to do, people to see.. etc. Still...

So I'll start with the characters, oui?
Ok, so Jessamine, I am so conflicted on her character. In the previous book she's all cutesy and helpless, and yes, I do recall asking of her to grow a backbone, well, I think it's safe to say that she did... partly.
I feel quite hmmm... what's the word? --I like her, but at times I don't? someone help me!!-- yes anyway, I feel that unreachable word about her character, I don't know why, well I do, but still...
Firstly, how quickly she can shift from an innocent girl to such a Poison-ess (Is that the word? Like with enchantress but with poison? meh.)
Yes the circumstances were dire, yes there was much at risk, so you'd think she'd try to find a second to ponder the bigger picture! argh! so reckless.

She might have become shadier and more twisted, which I might add is epic, but she's still got a very naive quality about her. After all, she still listens to and trusts the "Poison prince" Oleander. You would think that she would at least stop and think "Hm, who is this fella? Why'd he give-a-damn about me?". I suppose, now that I think about it, she is very desperate, after all, her true love is missing.

Ah yes, now we come to the Love, the reason behind the entire book, Jessamine loves Weed, Weed loves Jessamine..."True Love", at least that's what the book states the relationship is between them. But I can't say that it is completely correct, well from Weed's perspective I can see that he truly loves Jessamine, that he'll do anything for her including committing the worse crimes... But Jessamine, oh Jessamine, Jessamine, Jessamine, whatever shall we do with you? At first, she loves Weed, and you can tell that she really does, but then she begins being corrupted, poisoned by her own sick thoughts and the ideas that Oleander plants in her head, and she begins to waver, she becomes unfaithful... and then...**dun dun dun dramatic music**

Jessamine's sense of what is good and bad is also really disoriented, I mean seriously, make up your mind girl! One moment she's moping over the people she has murdered and then BABOOM she becomes a mindless killing instrument. This, added onto her desire for revenge really mixes things up. I believe that at times, Jessamine was a little hasty and didn't think things through and her will was just too weak, though in the end she managed to diverge at little from "The Plan". Though I must comment this was partly because of her own selfishness and a little **cough** a lot cowardly. I really don't know what to think of her, but her warped character is actually one of the most appealing things about this book, you really don't know what she'll do next, although she's a tad annoying at times...

Aha! there is hope for dear Jessamine yet! One of the most memorable scenes in the story is when Jessamine refuses to abandon the young Persian girl to die, despite endangering her own "mission", Jessamine still tries to heal her, putting herself at risk, that is one of the most selfless things that she's done. And now I'm back to liking Jessamine's character. AH! Now do you see my dilemma? She's both good and bad! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK!?!

Now Oleander, yes, the supposed villain of the story, the evil prince, come to poison the world. If you can recall my previous review, the one on the Poison Diaries, you'll recall that there was this mysterious fella that suddenly popped up out of nowhere is the complication... well this is him. But Halleluiah! He's actually present throughout the book this time! Oh the joy! He is the one that leads Jessamine astray, who forces Weed to leave, he is the reason for it all... But Oleander, in a way, is one of the most alluring characters of the entire book! He's dark and mysterious, and one of my favourite things about him is that he keeps his promises, though they may not turn out as expected. He's like one of those mischievous genies that we hear about, only evil. hahha

Weed, yeah he's still here. He's completely and utterly faithful, he's the type that writes cute poetry about their girlfriends and awkwardly tries to recite it to them. So cute. Ahem, and now to turn on the melodramatic: His love for her would withstand the heat of a thousand suns, their passion would last for a lifetime, and more. Yeah, and Cut! Weed would literally travel the world for Jessamine, which he indeed does, going all the way to one of the oldest gardens to try to learn of Jessamine's whereabouts. Weed really opens up in this book, as opposed to the previous book where he doesn't trust humanity and doesn't know how to feel about them. He truly is an admirable character, an inspiration and another excellent addition to the character list.

The story idea, I really can't get over this, is really really original. I don't think I've come across another story that used poisons and talking plants like this. seriously. The writing style was fitting and the plot was short and quick. At times the perspective shifted mid chapter and it was a little difficult to discern who was speaking. But other than that, I had not problem with the setting of the story.

Overall, very easy to read, I'm sure Maryrose Wood will astound us all with the next book.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

"In the right dose, everything is a poison. Even love . . . "

Jessamine Luxton has always been alone, her protective father, Thomas, ensures she rarely interacts with anybody but he, himself. But her life is far from average, for her father is both feared and revered for his extensive knowledge on plants and poisons, yet his obsession coupled with his need for knowledge leaves him disappearing abruptly for days without reason and many hidden secrets.

Thomas' thirst for the lost dangerous and potent recipes cannot be quenched, and when a paranoid traveller yields a disturbed and mysterious boy, Weed, who seems to possess hidden knowledge on plants, Thomas is more than happy to take him in.

Jessamine, who has never before had a companion, befriends Weed and their relationship soon deepens to love, their passion is strong but so too are the forces working against them...


Ok. First, I'll start with what a quick read this is, yes, I know... I've said this before but honestly I finished this book in a couple of hours! Honest!

The use of poisons and "living" plants is very intriguing, and I can now proudly say that it has kick-started my new found obsession for poisons, however morbid that may sounds :) The plot was quite original but I thought it was a little choppy at times, with random bits of information thrown in to keep the story flowing. But it still worked out in the end. The idea to start each chapter off with a diary entry is also quite interesting because it sets the mood. Um... The overall pace of the book is good, the beginning had some essential background info and then it started to delve into the good stuff. The ending was a little abrupt for my taste, almost as if it had to be squished into a couple of pages, if that really makes sense.

The characters... I can't say that they were completely epic, but they weren't dead boring either. As far as I can see, the book only focuses and goes into detail on a handful of characters, Jessamine, Weed and Thomas, with mentions of Jessamine's mother, a friar, the duke and couple more nameless faces.

Jessamine, the 16 year old protagonist of the book, hmmmm.... she lives a very sheltered life and is quite oblivious to what goes on in the world. She lives with her father in an abandoned chapel and tends to her father's many gardens... That is about it really, Jessamine is so naive, she's very trusting but also quite childish at times, despite the fact that she states that she's 16. If I wasn't told, I would have assumed she was much younger. She finds joy is such small things and in my opinion, she's far too helpless. But, there's hope for her yet! She still has so much more time to grow and develop in character.

Weed, he's this mysterious supposedly green eyed, black haired boy that Jessamine falls head over heels for. Woop-di-doo. hm. I actually quite liked his character, he's straight forward and he has a very unique gift. He is an excellent addition to the story, but he too is far too gullible and trusting.

Agh! why is everyone so trusting these days... I suppose it's a good thing... but why?!?

Jessamine's father is really something else, at times he comes off crazy, almost feverish, but then he's all happiness and unicorns... bleugh. I really won't say anything else.

I has a problem with the introduction of one character in this book, I mean seriously... who the heck are you?!?! I won't say who, for fear of spoiling, just that it was a tad odd, and annoying. It was a little sloppy, I think it would've been better if said character were always a looming presence from the beginning, hiding behind the shadows but still retaining their air of mystery.

The Jessamine+ Weed relationship came on quite suddenly, and I suppose it's because they were both so lonely and the presence of an available person-of-the-opposite-gender was just too much for them :) They were quite cute at times, but there was still this "way" in which they acted which kept them so different.

I quite liked the dialogue in this, it sounds like that from an older time, it suits the time that the book is set.
Originally, the book is from Jessamine's perspective but then switches to Weed's when the time arises. I had no problem with that, though with certain books I might've been a little annoyed, this one felt perfectly reasonable.

Overall... looking forward to reading the next book, not to sound too crude, but I really hope that Jessamine grows some backbone and can kick-ass.


Yes, the results are through!
I am very happy to announce that the winner is:
**dun dun dun dun << attempt at making drum roll onomatopoeia**
Serena Boyd serenaboyd13
Congratulations Serena! and a huge thanks to all who entered. Your support means a lot to me...
Wooo Hoooo!!

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Hunger Games Official Trailer

Who me? Excited? No way!
As the title of this post suggest, this is the OFFICIAL trailer.

**choir of angels rejoice in song**

I shall not waste anymore words... below is the video.
Watch it! Watch it!
Feel free to comment on your thoughts.
I'm quiet excited, I really hope that this will be able to live up to the books, or at least not put people off from reading them.

click >>here<< to watch. Ah! the suspense!

I stand by my belief that if this movie disrupts the awesomeness of the book series in any way, any at all, I shall attack the producers with great vigor!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor

Brilliant, completely and utterly brilliant.

Student by day and errand girl by night, Karou lives a seemingly normal life as a 17 yr old art student, filling her many sketch books with hundreds of images of mismatched creatures... monsters.
Unbeknownst to all, these creatures are real, and Karou herself is the errand girl for one of the most majestic of them all. Brimstone.

With azure hair, a myriad of different languages and a kick-ass personality, Karou traverses the world purchasing teeth for Brimstone, for reasons unknown. Bear teeth, wolf teeth, lion teeth, elephant tusks and human teeth, all strung up around Brimstone's mystifying store, gradually disappearing without an answer.

Although Karou feels as if she's missing something, she is intent on living her life as it is, but others do not. All around the world, black handprints are appearing, scorched into their surroundings. Something is amiss and when Karou sets her eyes on a hauntingly familiar face, belonging to a man she has never before met, she intuitively knows that he is somehow part of it.

With eyes of burning fire and wings of softest feathers, the angel strips away Karou's defences and her past begins to unravel.

YES! I haven’t had a book like this in a while, THANK YOU Laini Taylor for granting us mere humans this awesome story... we are not worthy.

Ok. So... where to begin... Aha! Le Characters.
So obviously we have Karou, brilliant name! You usually judge a character by the name... well at least I do. Karou...It’s so, so fitting... it means Hope apparently, only it sounds epic. It drew me in from the start, a character named Karou with azure hair and sketchbooks filled with drawings of magical creatures. I can tell you now, the book just wouldn’t have been the same if she was called Britney **eugh** no offence to those with the name...

Karou is such a different character compared to the countless helpless teenage girls, waiting for their true loves to sweep in and save their skinny ass’, excuse my language, not naming any names **coughBellaSwancough**
ahem, wow, that was one cough, I don’t know what overcame me... Anywho, back to the point. Karou is none of the damsel-in-distress-poopie that everyone is selling, she’s got a kickass personality and don’t even get me started on her fighting abilities.

She’s knowledge on several martial arts, sword fighting thingies etc. She is simply awesome. Being as awesome as she is, she doesn’t flaunt it either, she just lives her life as the mysterious girl. Telling the truth if asked but adding a wry smile at the end. ‘Course she’s also quite funny, creating itches in the most inappropriate of places by wishing on “scuppies”, ha, I got several stares laughing at the bus stop... **sigh** again...

The other characters are also very well created, all different. I have to say, one of my favourite characters has to be Zuzana, the rabid pixie-like best friend of Karou’s, she’s got to be one of the funniest and entertaining non-main characters I've read about in a while.

Akiva, yet another awesome name, I really have to commend Laini Taylor on her awesome seletion of names. Anyway, Akiva, I can’t say that he was as amazing as Karou, but he wasn’t too bad. He’s a bit like the other mysterious, beautiful angels that have been written about in many other books, but the one thing that made him stand out is his story, the reason as to why he is so broken. EPIC!

The plot, woah!, words cannot do it justice! It was amazing, it’s has been far too long since an author managed to create something so original and brilliant, though I had hunches along the way, nothing could have prepared me for how it would eventually turn out. **screams** IT WAS SO GOOD... The presence of Angels or more specifically Serphim in the book was excellent, personally I love stories with angels, and the fact that angels were in Daughter of Smoke and Bone was a huge bonus. Now. now, I get to the splendid part. Chimera, Laini Taylor wrote a book with Chimera, wow. This was my first ever Chimera book and it was downright amazing. The idea was just so unique!

I love the dialogue, and the way the story is written. Love the language, the way the speech sounds quite natural and relaxed, if that were the right word.
I think I’ll be obsessed with this book for a while; it’d be odd if I weren’t.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WIN WIN WIN!!!! Nightshade by Maryrose Wood

Is anyone excited about Nightshade, the sequel to the Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood? BECAUSE I AM!!! Hahaha
So... you're probably wondering what I'm ranting about, well... The Poison Diaries team is hosting a competition, more of a giveaway really... it’s so, so easy and you may find yourself with a copy of Nightshade at the end... completely and utterly worth it!
Now. You’re probably wondering how you can enter such an awesome giveaway right?!

TWITTER and FACEBOOK– for Twitter go to @poisondiaries or the Poison Diaries page for Facebook, and quote ‘win a copy of Nightshade by Maryrose Wood’ and quote my blog ( ) in your twitter/facebook post

You then need to head over to the Poison Diaries website and find the plant Arum Maculstum , add it to the ‘my poison diary’ and share it via Twitter, including my blog name.

The team will then place your name inside a "hat" (oooooooooooooh) and winners will be selected at random... It's a fair game, anyone can win! Woooooooo!
So what are you waiting for??? ENTER ENTER ENTER!!!

Because I am complete sucker when it comes to following instructions, I'm not sure if I've interpreted the instructions correctly. Below are the instructions as sent to me by the poison diaries team... just in case :)

To win a signed copy of ‘Nightshade’ by Maryrose Wood entrants need to add/follower Poison Diaries on Twitter & Facebook they will then need to head to the Poison Diaries website ( and enter the Poison Garden, they will need to find the plant ‘Arum Maculatum’ and share this on twitter. Entrants will need to @poisondiaries and write the name of your blog (so we know where they were sent from!! And so we can track entrants!)

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Hades by Alexandra Adornetto

Beth's been through Hell...

Beth and Xavier were meant to be, their relationship has survived angels, demons and worse. But now a familiar presence returns, one that she'd thought they'd overcome, one with the power to destroy them all... Jake Thorn.

A simple, albeit dangerous prank unleashes the Hell of all surprises and Beth and Xaviers relationship is once more put to the test.

Unwillingly dragged to the alternate of Heaven...Hades, Beth must find a way to return to Earth and her loved ones or the consequences could be dire

Jake’s not taking any chances this time, and to ensure he breaks Beth, he decides to go after her once Achilles heel. To spare Xavier, Beth finds herself dancing with the Devil, and intricate web of deceit and sacrifice, one wrong step and all Hell could break loose...


Ta-da! My sorta quick and hopefully enticing short summary, now I’ll actually start with the reviewing. Shall we start with the characters?

Why yes, yes we shall. So obviously there’s Beth, the protagonist of the book, a naive and hopeful angel on the corrupt and distorted planet we call Earth. Her hope and overall goodness is something that is very endearing, but she’s just so helpless and oblivious to the dangers. At times she is too naive which is usually the start of the problems. How trusting she is?!?!
She’d probably be the type of kid that actually gets in the van when told there’s candy.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad trait, but I think she needs to be able to distinguish between those with bad intentions and those with good, because frankly, it’s getting old. Throughout the entire book she’s just a tad helpless, yes, I understand that she’s kinda trapped, but maybe she should have spent her time being more constructive, I don’t know... building a bomb or something... :D

Nevertheless, Beth always seems to know what to do and when to do it, which I have rather mixed feelings about. She’s also so selfless, and sweet and that’s quite inspiring. At times she’s a little cheesy, even going as far as calling Xavier “Huggiebear”.
Bleugh! Too sweet, I think I’m getting a cavity.
And don’t even get me started on the quotes. Oh wait, I’ve already started and now I’m on a rampage... Nothing can stop me now!

“My one true love, the light of my life”

Now where have we heard that one before? Hmmm...Try everywhere!!!! I’m seriously debating screaming at Alexandra Adornetto right now... oh wait, debate’s over and I am already screaming at her! Don’t get me wrong, she’s a brilliant author, but I honestly wonder where her brilliant mind was when she typed that up. It’s just so clich├ęd! Alexandra is so much more than that! She should have been able to come up with something conveying more emotion than “Light of my life”. pfffssshhh

Jake, he’s such a mixed character, but strangely magnetic. So he’s a gorgeous demon Prince, the root of all of Xavier and Beth’s problems. Whenever the happily-ever-after draws near, Jake pops up. Yep, that's right blame the demon :) He’s also so weird, one moment he’s apologetic, the next moment he’s murderous. He really is a piece of work.

Ivy and Gabriel were as composed as ever, though Ivy seems to have changed and has become more bitter than necessary, whilst Gabriel is becoming more empathetic. The little side story of him and Molly is quite cute, though a tad depressing.

Xavier, he was quite the presence throughout the book, he really does care for Beth and the story is so, so cute. He has a couple of adorable and inspirational quotes, and it seems he’s developed a backbone, as opposed to his lack of one in Halo. His perseverance is another charming quality, knowing that someone would go to Hell for you, is kind of a bonus...

Molly, gosh she’s annoying at times, I think she’s the reason they invented Duct tape... nah... I’m being mean. Molly is very determined throughout the second half of the story, and her persistence is admirable. Her character contributes some variety to the story. It shows that friends should always be there for you... gosh that sounds cheesy :) I’m such a hypocrite, here I am berating Alexandra and then I quote something equally bad... there goes my credibility! ;)

The plot and script was slightly tacky at times but quite unpredictable and easy to follow. The storyline was very original and I love the different ideas and themes incorporated into it. It dragged at times, but it was still enjoyable. I quite like how Alexandra presents the big, bad underworld with a modern, new and exciting twist.

Another controversial factor was how Alexandra enabled the readers to view what was going on in the outside world without changing perspectives, by having Beth “project” herself. It was an easy solution, too easy if you ask me... Come to think of it, several things were way too easy and sloppy, almost as if they were just thrown in there to complete the story.

Warning to all those of you who haven’t had their minds poisoned: Hades isn’t as innocent as Halo, it’s not all holding hands and stolen kisses anymore... **dun dun dun**
Okay, fine, I’m being overly dramatic, but still...

Personally, I prefer Halo, but Hades has a certain sinister and twisted feel to it. Waiting for the 3rd book now.

Yes you heard me: there’s another book, why? BECAUSE THERE’S A CLIFFHANGER!!! Arrrgghhh.
Cliff-hangers... the bane of my existence!
It wasn’t a ginormous cliff-hanger, it was a little unexpected though.

The 3rd installment will be called Heaven

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hunger Games Character Posters

5 months guys, 5 more months until Hunger Games hits the theatres in America (not sure when that would be for Australia)
Now... yes, yes I'll hurry up and get to the damn point:
Several character posters have been revealed.
Hahaha! **fist punch**
Of course, there is Katniss, Peeta and Gale.
BUT there's also Cato, Rue, Haymitch, Cinna and Effie

What can I say... Well, I already knew what Katniss, Gale and Peeta would look like from the movie casting; though it's good to see them all "made up".

I really don’t like the character chosen to play Peeta. He looks so....Pssshhhh... Well, can't do anything about that but blog about it :) He just doesn't look like the Peeta I envisioned, dang it!

Gale, hmmm... he's alright, He looks quite tense in the poster or perhaps urgent or confused??? anyways the facial expression says a thousand words. I find the poster of him a little too airbrushed but meh. :) Still... he's cool. TEAM GALE!!!!

Katniss, been there done that. She looks great, almost like the Katniss I imagined... but let's see how she can act. **dun dun dun**

Now. Here's where it get's interesting.

Cato... Well, I when I read the book, I imagined him far more lynx-eyed, crafty and far more scheming as well as larger in size. He’s meant to be their, (Katniss and Peeta’s) fiercest opponent but he looks a little tame to me, I must say, the actor playing Cato looks a bit like the one playing Peeta (can't be bothered to name names)

Rue... wow, I think the poster really captures her character, I really love her facial expression, it’s perfect; the ideal combination of sorrow and compassion! In the book, Rue was described to be brown skinned and haired, and she reminds Katniss of her sister Prim. I am going to be so, so sad when that scene happens.

Cinna... I never really imagined him much when reading, he was more of a flamboyant and passionate presence to me. But I love the gold liner :)

Effie... wow. She's definitely got spunk. She's pretty much dressed how I imagined, all feathers and bright assaulting colours. I love the facial expression on the poster, she looks a tad like a bird of prey zoning onto its target. The eyes are amazing, I think they are an excellent feature.

Now: Haymitch... WHAT IS THIS?!?! Geez, the man looks like something from the Lord of the Rings! I can't remember how he was described in the book (It's been a while) but I definitely didn't think he'd look like that. Maybe with shorter hair... I dunno... he's meant to be an alcoholic and very slightly pudgy etc... meh.

Overall. Very excited for the movie, it better be good or I can guarantee the producers will be getting a lot of hate mail... :P