Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WIN WIN WIN!!!! Nightshade by Maryrose Wood

Is anyone excited about Nightshade, the sequel to the Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood? BECAUSE I AM!!! Hahaha
So... you're probably wondering what I'm ranting about, well... The Poison Diaries team is hosting a competition, more of a giveaway really... it’s so, so easy and you may find yourself with a copy of Nightshade at the end... completely and utterly worth it!
Now. You’re probably wondering how you can enter such an awesome giveaway right?!

TWITTER and FACEBOOK– for Twitter go to @poisondiaries or the Poison Diaries page for Facebook, and quote ‘win a copy of Nightshade by Maryrose Wood’ and quote my blog ( ) in your twitter/facebook post

You then need to head over to the Poison Diaries website and find the plant Arum Maculstum , add it to the ‘my poison diary’ and share it via Twitter, including my blog name.

The team will then place your name inside a "hat" (oooooooooooooh) and winners will be selected at random... It's a fair game, anyone can win! Woooooooo!
So what are you waiting for??? ENTER ENTER ENTER!!!

Because I am complete sucker when it comes to following instructions, I'm not sure if I've interpreted the instructions correctly. Below are the instructions as sent to me by the poison diaries team... just in case :)

To win a signed copy of ‘Nightshade’ by Maryrose Wood entrants need to add/follower Poison Diaries on Twitter & Facebook they will then need to head to the Poison Diaries website ( and enter the Poison Garden, they will need to find the plant ‘Arum Maculatum’ and share this on twitter. Entrants will need to @poisondiaries and write the name of your blog (so we know where they were sent from!! And so we can track entrants!)

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