Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me and my lazy self

So, it seems that school has resumed, and I will be bombarded with homework, assessments and assignments, not to mention Exams. Ack.
I will probably reduce the number of "proper" reviews that I do. A lot. GAH! the picture took SO long to load...

Or maybe this is just me making up an excuses (which it is) for being lazy

Yep, that's a dog. sliding down the stairs. hehehe

GAH. Well, I am attempting to write a review, oh wait, correction: was attempting, but I'm falling asleep.
darn school, it's ruining my nocturnal sleeping patterns...

Hopefully I'll have another review up sometime this week. Maybe not...
I'm so sleepy--ZZZzzzzzz

Grrrr the picture didn't work!!
If anyone knows now to upload .gif images... let me know.

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