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Legacy by Cayla Kluver

16 years ago, the bloody war between the Kingdoms of Hytanica and Cokyri ended abruptly, but not on peaceful terms. The ruthless Cokyrians unexpectedly withdrew from battle, but not without a final act of coldblooded murder, 49 newborn boys were taken from their cradles, their lifeless bodies strewn outside the city walls. But a mystery surrounds the story for only 48 bodies were returned.

17 year old crown Princess Alera, lives in peace and safety within the castle walls, knowing nothing of the hardships of war. But her father, the King, feels the strain after 30 long years on the throne and demands that Alera find a man, a husband, fit to rule, though it seems he means one man in particular, a man Alera detests: Lord Steldor.

It seems that fighting off the unwanted advances of Lord Steldor is Alera's biggest problem, but when a series of confusing and confronting events leads to the arrival of Cokyrian raised Narian, Alera finds herself challenging everything she's known.

A war draws near with the Cokyrians, and Alera, with her heart divided between duty and love, must make a decision before the Kingdom is destroyed.


Legacy was a very captivating story, woven with great artistry and imagination. The idea behind the story was one very different from books I've read before, and it just kept on giving, just when you think you've got it all worked out... BAM!!! something jumps out and crushes your theory into a bajilion smithereens. I found myself really enjoying the story, though I thought the pace lagged a little in the middle. The writing was good, but I found that the descriptions piled on top of one another, and often repeated themselves, it was a tad overwhelming.

I was completely enthralled by the prologue though, it was simply put, brilliant. The first couple of lines had my eyes glued to the page. Cayla Kluver managed to use the right combination of words and setting. it was darn creepy, as (hopefully) was intended, but it also left an air of mystery.

Alera was a very fitting protagonist, as Princess she is obviously very privileged but she doesn't take advantage of her wealth or status (much :D hehehe) So no, she's not too spoilt (although she's a little whiney).
I like how she's eager to challenge the positions and jobs associated with women, and embrace new things. Alera is rebellious by Hytanican standards and refuses to bow under the pressure of her father, or at least tries to. Though she maybe be a rebel, she can also be loyal. At times she seems a little misguided, though her intentions are always honest and noble. Her curious nature often gets her into trouble, but she's stubborn (in a good way) and doesn't back down easily.
Alera's love life is a jumble! It seems that though she may be in love with Narian, she has some sort of mixed feelings for Steldor, because though she may say she detests him, she still likes his smell :) hehehehe
Reading about Alera was undoubtedly fascinating and entertaining.

The other characters were very well written. And Alera's two suitors couldn't be more different which makes the story just that little bit more interesting.
Steldor is arrogant, big headed, narcissistic... whatever you want to call it. But the trouble with him, is that he has a nicer, more charming side to him... Whilst Narian is an enigma, his past is a mystery... everything about him is unknown but he's thoughtful and gives his full undivided attention to Alera, doesn't treat her like an inferior woman.
Ah! decisions decisions decisions...
Alera's relationship to her bodyguard London is also very different, and I really enjoyed being introduced to all the different members of the Elite Guard.

I can't wait dive into the unique fantasy world once more in Allegiance!


  1. It sounds pretty great, may have to look into it:)

    1. You should, dear Brookles, I'm currently reading the second book and it's better than the first :-)
      My review shall come later this month


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