Sunday, January 29, 2012

Allegiance by Cayla Kluver

Alera is now Hytanica's newly crowned queen, a person with the title, but no real power. Her only concern is to run the household and raise the children... her forced marriage with Steldor is becoming more and more strained, especially when he discovers her past relationship with Narian, who is still nowhere to be found.
When Alera's sister, Miranna, is abducted right from the palace by Cokyrians, Alera believes that nothing could be worse... Only to discover that the Cokyrians are preparing to launch a full scale attack, and the man that will lead: Narian

Under Narian's direction, Hytanica will fall...


Allegiance was a huge improvement compared to Legacy, it retained its unique ideas and themes but the writing was a lot better, there was far less unnecessary description (phew what a mouthfull) and more focus on what was important, rather than discussing each very-boring item in a room, Cayla Kluver directed her attention onto the characters and the current scene that is taking place.

The story was better developed and there was a lot more action than in the previous book, although there were several gob-smacking twists, it all flowed very nicely. The plot was once again very unpredictable, with people dropping dead like flies and others fighting for justice! (hahaha that sounds so cheesy). The enemies were closer than ever, and the threats were very real. There was also the appearance of magic in this book, in Legacy, the characters were only hinting at such a force, but you actually get to see it in action in Allegiance.

I found that Alera actually puts her money where her mouth is, and is useful (occasionally). Hmmm... She's willing to step up to new things now for the sake of others and (dare I say?) is actually growing a backbone. Still quite naive, and stubborn. Alera is a little too soft, and is unwilling to sacrifice some things/ people for the good of others. She seems to hold onto some things(as useless as they are)for dear life whilst dropping others carelessly. I can give her the credit for trying to help, and yes as mentioned before, she sometimes does. I like to think that Alera is growing a little more with each book, gaining more experience, becoming stronger, and hopefully this is the case :)

I'm really liking the members of the elite guards, they're all so unique and I reckon they're more interesting than Alera! London, is of course my favourite, why wouldn't he be? he's mysterious and loyal, he's been through much but still pushes on, and he's always the one that ends up saving the others, even if it means giving up his own life.

The romance, ah the romance...
I was without a doubt curious about the marriage between Alera and Steldor, but it wasn't how I quite expected it, sure they have their jabs at each other and their little childish spats but Steldor is actually quite nice.

**dun dun duuuuuuun** Signalling the end of the world :)

But seriously, Steldor is far nicer a character, and he's changed so much. It makes the way Alera acted seem completely cruel, like kicking a little puppy, because in Allegiance, Steldor reveals a kinder more compassionate side. I was actually hoping that Alera would turn to Steldor and just forget Narian, who was absent for much of the book, but no such luck **sigh**, it would have been a nice change to see Alera with Steldor...

Overall, a very intriguing read, and now I really want to learn what happens in Sacrifice, the turn of events in Allegiance is astonishing!

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