Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Fairy Letters by Kailin Gow

A short Novella consisting the letters Prince Kian wrote to Queen Breena during their separation.

They were intended for each other at birth, but fate placed them on opposite ends of the battlefield.
Prince Kian of the Winter court had once believed that his childish love for Princess Breena of the Summer had faded with time, but all it took was a single glance of Breena to bring all the feelings back, ten-fold.

Love is a dangerous thing, the most dangerous of all magics and forbidden as well, and when the love of a winter prince and summer princess unfurls, the consequences will be dire.

For their own safety, and the good of their kingdoms, Prince Kian and Queen Breena have parted, but Kian's love for Breena remains strong and he finds himself craving her presence...

They ignored all the warnings, and now Kian's about to find, the hard way, how dangerous love can be...


That wasn't really a blurb, it was more a quick overview of what has happened, really quick :)
The Fairy Letters, are basically just that, it consists of letters from Prince Kian to Breena and in it he shares his memories, his hopes, his wonderings and basically his heart (cough, cheesy anyone?)

I welcomed the perspective change, it was actually very interesting, being able to see and hear things from Kian's point of view. This short novella complements the previous and most likely following book, filling in missing details and adding in more depth.

I enjoyed Kian's letters, as cheesy and almost sickeningly sweet some of the lines may be. The stories of his past were especially interesting, as well as the history or at least beliefs of the fey, which until now has been rather vague. The memories that Kian had of Breena and himself when they were younger were quite adorable, and it showed their bond even from such a young age. Kian's memories really give you a different view on things, and a lot more understanding.

The letters, though often a little repetitive, soon reveal a story of their own, at first telling us Kian's feelings of their separation, and his longing, then gradually morphing into doubt, anger and feelings of betrayal as events unfold.
You can really hear and feel his passion through the poetic and honest way that he writes, and then as you continue you can see the first threads of anger and madness weaving their way into his correspondence. And then his desperation... It's all very clever.

Shasta also features briefly with letters of her own, recalling her own memories of Rodney, you see her in a way that isn't present in the actual books, here, she's kinder, more relaxed. But there's also a desperate note in the way she writes, her frustration at the Court for their separating her from Rodney. She also reveals her plan for them to escape into the human world and her words hint at something a little sinister, of something that could have been the reason for the cliffhanger that concluded book 3, Silver Frost.

That's all :)

I actually really want to read book 4, Frost Kisses, now, Kailin Gow really knows how to write a cliffhanger!

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