Friday, February 11, 2011

Stakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowen

Sarah Dearly's life sucks, literally.

Newly made vampire Sarah, just wants to go back to the good old days when she had a job and, most of all, didn't have to drink blood. Unfortunately, Sarah knows that the vamp virus is permanent. In hopes of having some normal aspect in her life, Sarah applies for a normal job, only to get staked in the process. Luckily, a masked vampire known as the red devil who just happened to be laying dormant for the past hundreds of years chooses that exact moment to save her... yay for her! :D

Thierry is convinced that the Red Devil that saved Sarah was an imposter but how can he possibly be so sure when the Red Devil is always covered in a black scarf? But unmasking the Red Devil is currently on the bottom of her to do list... after all she's got a lot more to worry about.

While attending her high school reunion, Sarah runs into someone with a grudge, a very bad grudge, against HER! So Stacy-turned witch blows some glitter in her face, no big deal right? But then she finds out that she's been cursed to be a sunlight allergic, bloodthirsty nightwalker, the utmost worst type of vampire you can get. She only has three days to find and change Stacy's mind before the curse becomes permanent.

Meanwhile Thierry, is STILL married to his gorgeous wife Veronique, and nothing Sarah can say or do, can change Veronique’s mind to "divorce" Thierry.

To make matters worse, the curse has made Sarah very dangerous, and many of her closest friends and loved ones have begun to fear her. She must find Stacy and reverse the curse before it is too late...

An awesome story!! It's humorous and Sarah's quick and sarcastic remarks make the book very enjoyable! Sarah, the book's heroine just can't seem to catch a break! The situations that she always lands herself in are absolutely hilarious!

Very very enjoyable!Can't read to read the fifth and final book: Tall, Dark and Fangsome!!!!

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