Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan

Mae's normal life is slowly slipping through her fingers!

After her previous run-in with magic and demons Mae’s glad that she’s still alive and that she has time for a break. But her life without magic is now boring and just so ordinary, she simply can’t believe that most humans live their lives in complete ignorance, not knowing of the powerful forces that surround them. Everything changes when she discovers that her brother Jamie, who just found out is a magician, is secretly meeting with the new and dangerous leader of the Obsidian Circle, Gerald, who has only one motive, convince Jamie to join the circle or force him...

Distressed and angry at her brother for keeping such a dangerous secret from her, Mae calls in the Ryves brothers, Allan and Nick for assistance. Unfortunately much has happened between the brothers after they left Mae and now Allan has more incentive for completing a dangerous trap devised by Gerald to trap Nick and strip him of his powers.

Furthermore, Mae just can’t seem to stay away from the dangerous and mysterious Nick, even after she’s discovered that he’s a demon. She just can’t understand what it is about him that has her so intrigued.

With brother set against brother, and nobody that can truly be trusted, Mae must devise an plan to intervene with Allan and Gerald's plans before it's too late.

It's not so much the obsidian circle that they have to fear as much as Nick when he discovers that Alan, the one person in the world that he completely and wholly trusts is about to betray him....

Ah! So good! I Love this series! The action, the suspense and the slightly disturbing romances! All characters are amazing, all unique with different personalities. Jamie is loyal and loving, and definitely too trusting.

Mae is strong and vibrant as well as independent. Allan, he is the one that always makes sacrifices for others, always putting others edit himself. And finally Nick, his current demon state just makes the book that much more interesting, his sarcastic comments balance out with his inability to feel human. Gradually, u slowly notice changes in Nick’s personality, very slight ones, but changes nonetheless!

I simply can't wait to get my hands in the next book, which won't be out until June!!! I seriously don’t think I can wait that long! ;)

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