Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

“If being a vampire were easy, there wouldn’t have to be a reformed vampire support group”.

Being a vampire is not at all as glamorous as the media describes it to be. Nina an author of vampire books, was turned in 1973 and now, 51 years later, she still doesn’t look a day over 15. Sure the immortality is a bonus, and so is the excellent night vision. Unfortunately the list of disadvantages exceeds the bonuses by far... Firstly, the superhuman strength never arrived and in fact, she’s actually become very frail and delicate. Also, the allergy to sunlight or, lights at all, is also rather discouraging and very inconvenient.

There’s also the slight issue of being completely dead to the world every time the sun rises and only reviving when the sun sets. Occasionally vampires also feel an intense pain, a pain so strong that it causes them to cough up blood. Blood. Now that is a problem, fortunately they now have developed pills that can substitute blood and live on guinea pigs, but every now and then a vampire loses control of his blood thirst and attacks and turns humans. but that's okay....:P :D

Yep. That’s the life of a vampire, nothing at all like Nina expected. Nina envies humans and their ability to enjoy life, they actually have excitement in their lives. Every Tuesday, Nina meets up with a group of vampires for therapy but when one of the members is staked by a mysterious slayer, Nina doesn’t know whether to welcome the excitement or run and hide. After all, it’s not like she can do anything with the state that she’s in...

Threatened, the entire group hide out in Nina’s home, hoping to unmask the slayer before he strikes again. In an attempt to find the culprit, they find themselves up against a group of werewolf trafficking murderers who will stop at nothing.

Nina has to find a way to defeat the traffickers and find the slayer before it all comes crashing down...

The Reformed Vampire Support Group offers a different view of vampires than your average vampire book. The vampires in this book are different and unique, in their own way. Catherine Jinks writes a very creative and praise-worthy book!

Nina, the story’s main character is not what I would describe as brave, but you do have to give her points for trying, the fact that she tries to be like her own book character is very admirable. The story is very quick to read and I simply couldn’t believe that in a couple of hours I had devoured the last page of the book.

An excellent book! I can’t wait for the sequel!

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