Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar

Think you've got family issues? Well think again...

Miserable, lonely and lost in the streets of London, werewolf Kalix MacRinnalch runs for her life from the dangerous hunters, and her murderous family.

The death of her father, the head of the werewolf clan, brings many more complications into Kalix's life, because she was the cause. Now, not only is she being hunted by the hated werewolf hunters, she also has a huge bounty on her head, courtesy of her brother. Her death could also be the deciding vote on the matter of who should be the next ruler of the clan.

Meanwhile Kalix's sister and werewolf Enchantress, Thrix is facing less serious problems, someone's been stealing her designs and releasing them as their own. She's got unmask the thief before her business goes broke.

Thrix may be the only family member that is not entirely against Kalix, or trying to use her, and she may be the only hope that Kalix has, unfortunately she's sleeping with Kalix's banished lover, and the result could be deadly.

As the fight for leadership changes to an all out war, there will definitely be many deaths, but will Kalix's be among them...

At first glance, this book sounded very promising, and it didn't disappoint! I found the story very engaging, but found that it dragged just a little too much. But all is well, because the ending is full of suspense and action!

The main character Kalix lives a very difficult life, and apart from her being an unpredictable werewolf, her situation is one that many teenagers today may relate with, she suffers from depression and is also addicted to drugs. As the story progresses, you find that her personality improves and that she is slowly changing.

At times, the multitude of characters as well as the story’s' tendency to switch from viewpoints becomes very overwhelming but as you begin to memorise the characters you begin to appreciate the different views, because each of the characters contributes a different perspective to the situation.

An excellent story, looking forward to the next book.

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