Monday, August 15, 2011

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Oooooooo! Not just your typical boy loves girl, girl loves boy but they can't be together la-di-da story. No, it's all this and MORE.
Starcrossed is an amazing story of love and tragedy complete with a twist of Greek Mythology.
The Fates repeat history, warping the threads in their quilt of destiny. So, along comes Helen, beautiful, smart and deadly strong...
She's shy, never had a boyfriend and can't stand attention, so why, why is she overcome by the feeling of rage and the unbearable urge to strangle the new boy at school, Lucas, when she meets him for the first time? An urge, i might add, that she caved into.
Helen is plagued with horrid dreams of 3 women, dripping blood and whispering through her head. Unable to understand why the 3 women are in her head, urging her to kill the new family and strangle Lucas, Helen confronts him and he reveals that the 3 women are indeed the Furies. **type into google and research :) **
So, the 2 fight against the urge to kill each other and live happily ever after. NOT!
no, of course that would be much too easy :)

Helen, on her search for answers, which may be linked to why her mother abandoned her when she was little, stumbles upon a vital part of information: she's a demigod. A descendent of Zeus no less.
She's strong but of course she's in danger. There are many forces out to capture her, and if that fails, they can always just kill her.

Together with Lucas, Helen fights against all odds to be together with him, but it can never be easy and there are things that the 2 just don't know about each other, things that could completely ruin them.
The two, unable to be with each other, but unable to be without... Starcrossed and destined to forever repeat the cycle...

hahaha... that was a VERY detailed summary that may contain quite a few spoilers... I apologize, it's always accidental... anyhoo,
When i first started this book i was annoyed by the fact that Helen was this perfect little thing who was just there. She didn't do anything.. grrr.

Then along comes Lucas, and personally my favourite part: she tries to strangle him hahahahah yay!

I found that the action finally started. I found that Helen was a little repetitive with the whole: "I’m a monster, a witch and scary scary thing" woopdidoo! Then she finally let herself be, and I just thought to myself: You would be so much cooler if this is what you’re always like 
Helen is this really, really shy girl right? But she’s perfect, tall, absolutely gorgeous and super smart. Not to mention extremely strong. I just feel like she’s wasting half her talents, always hiding behind a fringe of hair, never standing up for herself. If she were more like her best friend Claire, I reckon the book would be so much more interesting. Anyway, she gets better as the book progresses but I don’t know. I think she’s given up on things way too easily and she trusts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easily as well, her mum just shows up out of the blue one day and then WOPAM she’s ready to traipse across the ocean with her? Not cool... Okay, so she loves Lucas and all, but I’m not sure if she loves him as much as he loves her. Of course all these things lead up to her very complicated character. You’ve kinda gotta feel sorry for the poor child, she repetitively attacked by about 50 different people (VERY slight exaggeration :D hahaha) and yet she still manages to hold on. That at least is an admirable trait.

Now Lucas, **swoon** put simply he’s adorable. His description is absolutely pass-out-worthy... Blue eyes...eeeeeee...He’s just so cute! He’s always there for Helen and he helps her so many times, I’ve simply lost count. It just pisses me off how Helen drops him about 100 times on a whim but he still loves her enough to care. She is really not worthy. Maybe that’s my very slight jealousy speaking... what am I saying?!?! I’m jealous of a book character, wow I really have way too much time on my hands :) hahahaha

I have to say there were so many cute smile-to-yourself moments in this book! That’s what I like about this book, it’s cute, though not all teenagers may act in such a cute and courtly (haha) manner, this book really brings that out. It’s got a successful amount of everything, action, drama, romance, and let’s not forget the Greek Mythology!

Starcrossed is a HUGE success and as weird and wacky as my review is, I really do like it. :D
I can’t wait for the next book... I want it NOW.... I’m gonna go crazy by the time it comes out!

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