Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

O how my heart burns with pain...
I can't believe that this was really the end of such a radiant series.
How, o how am I ever going to survive?

Let me start. The final instalment of the Iron Fey series finishes with a BANG!
Brief recap of what happened at the end of Iron Queen: Meghan becomes the Iron Queen (na-duh?) and forces Ash to leave the Iron realm that was poisoning him. Yep. And then of course, we all swoon at the part where he still vows to do whatever it takes to return to her side.

Told from Ash's perspective, Iron Knight picks off where Iron Queen left off, an impossible search for a soul. Accompanied by his rival Puck, who he has sworn to kill, Ash treks across the Wyldwood in search of his only thread of hope. Yep. He's grey, he's fluffy, and of course: He is a cat. The unlikely trio set off in what will be the toughest journey of their lives, battling trolls and creepy newts. With the appearance of several unlikely characters, one of which could change Ash's mind altogether, the makeshift band traipse off to the rumoured End Of the World.

Ash is faced with many difficult decisions, some that he may not be able to make. All whilst questions plague his days and nightmares plague his sleep.

Now comes my review:
Wow, I was so happy when I received the ARC for this!
As soon as I turned the page I was already engrossed, nothing, and i mean NOTHING could pull me away. Ash as always was the most determined and cutest thing! But of course the appearance of a VERY unlikely character set things all off balance. Ugh, the Outrage! It seems Julie Kagawa was leaving it all for this one eh?

The story was written so well, in one part I was completely fooled by Julie Kagawa, at first I was suspicious but then Kierran appeared and I actually dared to hope. Of course I just assumed that with about 80 or so pages left it would be an easy happy ending, then was shot down with burning arrows!
O the pain!

Just to sum it up: Iron Knight was the ideal ending to the series (sniff so sad), though I wish it wouldn't end. It was brilliantly composed in such a way that all readers of any age can completely leave the outside world and immerse themselves in the world of imagination.
Hopefully the rumours of a spin off series are true, if so I’ll be counting down the days!


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