Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forbidden Sea by Sheila A Nielson

A tale of love, loss and mermaids...

Yes, it seems it's all the rage: beautiful creatures with majestic tails, Mermaids.
In this adorable story, Adrianne encounters the mesmerising mermaid of Windwraithe, whilst trying to save her sister Cecily, and finds herself marked.
Desperate to forget her encounter, Adrianne tries to just blow it all off. But the beautiful voice of the mermaid tries to lure her away to the ocean, and to her death...

This story is just so cute! It's just one of those stories that are meant for a younger audience but anyone can read it. It's just so fluffy! You want to just squish it all up...yeah I’m going overboard now :) hahahaha

So, Adrianne, she's so selfless, she tries to help everyone and keep them happy. She leaves everything and gives up everything for her family's happiness. Always covered in dirt and grime, she sees herself as unworthy and even ugly compared to the beauty of Cora Lynn, the beauty of Windwraithe. You've just gotta feel her pain when she's always treated second best, everyone always overlooks her, thinks, wait, KNOWS, that she'll let it blow over if it means someone else will be happy and that it won't cause any disruption. She blames herself for the condition of her family, poor, so poor that they can barely afford to eat, and she won't let it go. She's taken over all the jobs of her father, who'd passed away due to a riding accident, and you just know how hard working and strong she is. Adrianne, in my opinion is the ideal heroine for this story. She's perfect in her own way, dirt and all...


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