Friday, March 18, 2011

Recent Rise in Paranormal Activity

Yep. You've probably noticed it too...

The recent rise in paranormal obsessions!
First it was Harry Potter, then Twilight and now... well, now the movie producers are just making movies on about every paranormal/fantasy book they can get their hands on...

I mean seriously, isn't that a little desperate? They're bound to make a mistake and cut out some seriously vital parts from the books. And the characters will just completely ruin my mental imagary!

Aparently Fallen, Maximum Ride and now even the Mortal Instrument series are ALL being made into movies... I can't bare the thought that some of my favourite books will be played by unsuitable characters... my worse fear is that the movies will turn out like Twilight... The HORROR! Many people will then most likely judge the book because of the badly made movie and others will just be plain obsessed with the movie characters instead of actually imagining the characters for themselves!

It is rumored that the Fallen Movie is going to be made by Disney... NO NO NO!!! Disney... Well, actually I love disney movies, I just think they should stick to their genre: cartoon and kiddy stuff.

Even if they make it especially to target "teens" the characters will all be played by those that are under Disney's contract... for example the Jonas Brothers... **gasp of horror**
Miley Cyrus **kill me now**

and other highly unsuitable characters... i mean seriously can you imagine Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez as Luce?!?! Nope.. it's actually rather barf-worthy!!!

But of course... none of this is actually confirmed but I'll try find out if my sources are correct.. fingers crossed I'm wrong... :(

ooo.. i agree with the comments on the link above though... Alex Pettyfer would make an okay Daniel... but who would play Cam?

o well, i'll make up my dream cast in my head... :D


  1. We all saw Kristen Stewart turn Bella Swan from anxious but accepting and happy teen into emotionless zombie...however, Luce seems to be the girl that STewart was really portraying in Twilight. She's quiet, stays away from people and is usually lost in thoughts or emotions. I think that- and this is blasphemy to you, Black-Rose, I'm sure- Luce would be best played by Kristen Stewart.
    As for Mortal Instruments...I actually think that Alex Pettyfer would have made a great Jace. When I was reading, I could see Alex in my head whenever i read Jace's name.
    But then again, I'm usually in the minority in these cases.
    And as for Cam...hows about Drew Seeley, with longer hair and green contacts? I think he's a Disney boy too.

  2. Thank you for commenting Ink-Winged713

    I really do dislike Kristin and her brain-dead acting but I must disagree with you there. Luce may not be the most heroic or interesting character, but having Kristin Stewart play her part means that I'll have to see her face 70-80% of the time the movie is showing, which will cause me great distress which may lead to suicide. ;P

    Kristin also looks nothing like Luce (according to her description anyway) and she probably won't be able to pull this one off.

    Although Luce is not currently the most exciting character, you never know, she may grow a backbone in one of the future books.

    I agree with you there, Alex Pettyfer may actually be able to play Jace... He fits the description very well!

    Hmmm.... Drew Seeley, I'll have to get back to you on that one, seeing as I haven't seen him act before. :)

  3. LOL!
    Disney movies are great - when you want to laugh at the acting XP

    Only joking lol :)

  4. @Tiny1
    lol! I agree that Disney movies are rather dull when it's got actors, but when it's cartoon or animations it's so CUTE!!! Have you seen Tangled?

    I still honestly don't think Disney can pull this one off though, their lack of good actors is simply atrocious! lol!


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