Thursday, March 17, 2011

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Frozen, with nothing but her troubling dreams as company, 17 year old Amy Martin has left the world that she knows and loves for another 300 years away.

Amy’s been frozen for nearly 250 years, giving her more than enough time to reconsider, worry and doubt herself on her decision to leave Earth. Unfortunately 50 years before they are scheduled to land, her thoughts are interrupted and she is unplugged, trapped in a container filled with quickly melting water, Amy’s almost positive that she’s going to die.

As luck has it, she’s saved by a boy her age named Elder, only to find herself in an entirely different society. All the people are content to live under an artificial sun, eating recycled food and living simple lives. All the residents of the ship possess the same characteristics, brown hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. With her red hair and pale skin she sticks out like a sore thumb. On a ship where there are no differences, Amy’s uniqueness is putting her in danger. Amy’s experienced what it truly feels like to live and she knows that the people’s willingness to obey is anything but natural.

Elder, the future leader of the entire ship feels drawn to Amy and wants to care for her, and more... but Amy’s memories won’t allow her to move on and she keeps him at arm’s length. Elder disagrees with the way the ship is run, yet has no power or confidence to change anything.

There’s a murderer aboard the ship and even though the attempt on Amy’s life failed, they’ve already succeeded in killing another two. Amy and Elder must find out why and who the murderer is targeting before it’s too late...

Let’s get this straight... I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now and have only recently gotten my hands on it! It’s beautifully written! Beth Revis draws us into an amazing new sci-fi! The minute details and creativity really drew me in. This book had simple vocabulary that was used so effectively which ensures that everyone can read it! There are some scenes that are not too appropriate for those under 14, but hey, I’m just warning you, I’m not your mum or anything ;)

Across the Universe is told from the alternate view points of Amy and Elder. Amy’s ability to cope after being awoken on a brainwashed ship is really quite admirable, she was strong and determined. She’s just been woken after a murder attempt, had some very close run ins with members of the ship, witnessed an entirely different society from that of Earth and several deaths as well. It’s a wonder that she can still manage to think!

Eldest is also very determined, he tries his best to become leader-like, to be the ideal leader of those on the ship. Yet he finds that the world that he’s lived in and most of what he’s been told is a lie! Even with no one to trust, Elder still manages to hold things together and make the right decisions, and maybe, if he tries hard enough he really can become a leader.

Overall, an amazing new novel!

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