Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink

The ultimate battle between the two sisters draws near, one the Guardian, the other the Gate... one can save the world and the other destroy it, except somehow the roles were swapped at birth...

16 year old Lia Milthorpe should have been the Guardian but due to a mix up at birth, she's now forced upon the position of the Gate. The Prophecy has continued on for many generations but in every single case there is either bloodshed or devastation. Lia and her sister know that they are destined to be the ones to either save or destroy the world. Lia knows that the prophecy must end but while she's busy searching for a solution to end the Prophecy, Alice, her sister and twin is perfecting her skills to defeat Lia.

Lia must travel to Altus to collect the missing pages of the Book, within the pages could lay the answer to the prophecy. The only problem is that Alice and her allies will also be after the page. The Souls are also after Lia, they can and will corrupt anyone close to Lia to bring their Master back into the world of the living. Lia may not be able to resist the call of the Prophecy and when everyone that she knows has the potential to be corrupted by the souls, there is no one that Lia can trust with her burden, especially not her sister. But there’s someone out there that feels they’ve known Lia since forever and the attraction between the two is undeniable.

Alice will stop at nothing to reclaim her rightful role as the Gate, and when she’s already killed her own brother for the cause, there is not much else that can stand in her way...

Ok, well first of all, isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Now, onto slightly more serious things... Guardian of the Gate, simply put is amazing! I love the storyline and the characters. Lia and Alice are as different as black and white, night and day... Lia’s kindness opposed by Alice’s cruelty. In the previous book, Prophecy of the Sisters, Alice’s actions were simply unbelievable... i nearly cried when she killed Henry! To tell you the truth she’s still as cruel and heartless in this book, nothing’s changed there. Lia on the other hand has become more courageous, she knows her role’s importance and despite the suspicions of everyone in Altus, she still has the strength to endure and to carry on her mission.

The story is well put together and easy to understand, it’s simple yet amazing at the same time, anyone can read it! The story’s format (is that the right word? lol) is very basic but very unpredictable; the story twists and turns so fast that my head spins!

Guardian of the Gate features many different scenarios and situations, some that you just wouldn’t expect. Every now and then something unusual pops out which just makes the book much more enjoyable.

Spoiler Alert... Read on at your own expense. Mwahahahahaha I dare u!!!!

The relationship between Dimitri and Lia within this book is just so CUTE!!! Reading some of the lines and conversation between the two just causes me to smile... (Literally, I’ve had people stare at me when I smile or laugh at a cute or funny bit) They two were made for each other, he’d give his life to save her!

Overall and absolutely awesome story!!! Unfortunately I now have to wait for the next book, Circle of Fire, coming out in August... grrrr. ;)

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