Friday, January 14, 2011

A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix

FBI agent Heather Wallace wants to be the voice of the victims, to speak out for them, to seek justice for them.

Heather has been tracking a sadistic murderer known as the Cross Country Killer for 3 years, when his trail leads to Club Hell; a club for “nightkind” in New Orleans, Heather meets the rumored owner and musician, Dante. Heather feels dangerously attracted to the talented and dark Dante, but his past is a mystery and even after looking into his files, she finds only a long list of previous crimes.

Heather knows that there is something about Dante that is linked to the serial killer, but she doesn’t know what. Knowing this, she is sure that Dante is the killer’s next target and so she tries to protect him, but instead, he claims that he is nightkind or in other words a vampire, and that he doesn’t need her protection.

Strangers arrive and go in the city and Heather is the closest that she has been to ever capturing the killer and bringing him to justice. Yet when news arrives that the killer had been caught in the act in a country half way around the world, Heather can’t help but be suspicious.

When Heather checks the evidence she discovers that the story is a cover up and that bureau was in on the plan. Heather returns to Dante, against the bureau’s wishes, in the hopes of protecting him, knowing that the killer is still out there. Yet when an attempt on her life is made, she knows that there’s more to the story than the bureau is letting on…

A Rush of Wings was absolutely amazing! The action and the suspense! The characters were all strong and unique, each and every one of them. I couldn’t put the book down in fear that I would miss an important detail. It’s a very quick read once you get into the story and the plot is very unpredictable.

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