Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Always a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, thank you for allowing me to read this!!! It was utterly amazing!

“And you have to make a choice. A terrible choice”

Since the conclusion of Once a Witch, Tamsin Greene has known that she has to make a difficult decision, one that the future of her family depends on.

In the previous book, Alistair Knight, an enemy of the Greene family, managed to slip through the doors of time into the past. When it is confirmed that he succeeded, Tamsin is forced to Travel back in time in order to stop Alistair from preventing the creation of the Domani.

Travelling back in time is already a challenge… but getting back is another matter entirely…

And so Tamsin Travels back in time and opens her eyes to a city that is completely different. She disguises herself as a maid in order to infiltrate the Knight family, and in doing so uncovers secrets that would rather be hidden…

Tamsin never thought to think that her family from the past needed to be convinced of the evil intentions of the Knight family, and her plan is completely torn apart when they turn her away, convinced that she is the harbinger of death and destruction that the book tells of…

Between trying to stay unnoticed by La Spider and her two-faced son Liam, trying to convince her family to take action against the Knight family and trying to figure out the choice that she has to make, Tamsin is in for a lot more than she bargained for…

Always a Witch is a fast-paced action packed novel that is quick and easy to read. I personally found Always a Witch better than Once a Witch, the story is a lot faster paced and there are bucket loads of action! The Talents of the characters play a crucial part in the story and that’s what makes the story intriguing!

Always a Witch tells us more of the mysterious Knight family that played such a huge part in the previous novel. It also tells us more about the atrocities that they committed as well as why.

The characters are unique and strong, making the book, that much more enjoyable! The book really draws you into the story and can be read by many audiences, from teenagers to older readers!

Absolutely amazing!

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