Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taylor Swift... and the Hunger Games?

hahaha. As odd (and entertaining) as it would be to see Taylor Swift in the Hunger Games, this isn't what this post is about (sadly).
No, she's just released a new song called "Safe & Sound" that will feature in the Hunger Games movie, and also be in the soundtrack.
click Here to listen and watch the video.
What do you think?? You likey??

The clip is very eerie, I actually quite like it and the music is lovely, it's slow, sweet, regretful, forlorn... beautiful.
I love how the instruments intermingle and create the perfect melody, a harmony of sounds... **eee**
(does that even make sense?!)

Ok. so, I haven't updated this blog in ages, I'm sorry :(
I haven't been reading (Oh Noes!) but school is destroying my reading life...
excuses excuses...

I'll maybe become more regular with the posts as the year progresses, but I really don't think that will happen :)


  1. Agreed. The song is beautiful and eerie. I can't wait to see the movie. I just wish Mockingjay had been as good as The Hunger Games.

    1. I agree, Mockingjay was quite a let down, nothing seemed to happen. I still enjoyed it, but as you said, it wasn't as good as the Hunger Games

  2. Yep school and work certainly get in the road of reading. I think we all go through reading ruts. The Hunger games movie should bring even more readers to the book.

    1. Hi Arabella, I think many readers have already read the book, hopefully it will encourage non-readers to give the book a go... it depends on how well they make the movie too, either way, it's going to get a lot of publicity :)


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