Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

2 Months ago, Merit's life was turned upside down... again

Still trying to cope with an unbearable loss, Merit goes about her life as Cadogan's Sentinel, struggling to mend the growing rift between humans and the vampires. But a strange and undoubtedly magical problem leaves all of Chicago, both humans and supernaturals, scrambling for answers. Chicago's beloved Lake Michigan has turned a ominous pitch-black, acting like a vacuum and leeching magic from the city.
Only the most dangerous of magics could have played a role in such a deadly transformation, and Merit, with a still-grieving heart, must work through numerous interruptions to find the culprit.
It seems that the inky water of the lake is only a harbinger of what is to come, and soon cries of Armageddon and the city's impending doom emerge from the distraught humans... and as much as Merit wants to comfort them, she's not exactly sure for herself...


**pauses to catch breath**

Oh Chloe Neill, I bow down to your awesomeness. I AM NOT WORTHY!!
How could i ever have doubted you ?(well, there was that horrible cliffhanger that one time...)

So, I've just finished this very awesome book, which I have once again been putting off because I didn't want to have to wait another long, long year for the next book. But once again, I was a complete goose. HOW COULD I BEEN PUTTING OFF AWESOMENESS?!?! That's INSANE!

**bows head in shame**

Now... comes the part where I express what I didn't like... GAH this is CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES!!! I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR EVEN THINKING THAT!!
....sooo.... **deep breath** I felt that, even though it was still an amazing book as I have repeated several times above, Drink Deep didn't live up to the previous books. Again, don't get me wrong, just because it's not as good as the other Chicagoland Vampires books doesn't mean it's bad. because it's not. It's very good. hahaha very repetitive there. because it's good :P

Most of the book, though intriguing was kind of s-s--no I can't do it... s-s- slow, there I said it. GAH I can't believe I said it! o.O
I felt that the action was slightly tame for one such as Chloe Neill but there was a very interesting complication (things that could possibly signal the end of the world do tend to be interesting and because Chloe Neill is the author hehehe) of course but I just felt it was missing something (like Ethan :D) haha just can't help it

The suspense that was built up for the super top secret identity of the main (I say main, because there are other baddies in the book) creepy-horrible-cruel-wicked-evil-psychotic villain of Drink Deep was somewhat ruined by my ability to guess who it was... yeah... that kinda sucked.

The "hints", or more accurately, attempts at concealing this certain character were somewhat obvious. (accusing everyone BUT the villain? hmmmm...) but maybe that was just me, anyway I'll leave that to you to decide if--WHEN, yeah I'll be keeping tabs :) --you read this book.
Because despite what I've said. It's still a 4.5/5stars , (I'll be rounding up when rating in Goodreads hehehe too awesome not to) because it's freaking awesome. AWESOME. gimme an A, gimme a W, gimme an... yeah... that doesn't work.

Now for a quick lesson in math, Chicagoland Vampires style
Merit =kick ass
No doubt about it, and what I like about her is that she got back into life, yes she mourned, yes she still misses Ethan with every atom of get vampire being, but she still moves on with life, not wallowing in a never-ending pit of self pity, which have been a sad end indeed.
She is as always, stubborn, sarcastic and ever the loyalist (wait is that even a word?!)
She supports her colleagues and friends, regardless of how the consequences may affect her.
Saying that, she's also a rebel, she'll go against orders if it for the greater good. (yep, again with the cheesiness :D)
Merit and her awesomeness have broken my awesomeness meter... darn, this is happening too often, though I suppose it's a good thing...

The ending. Oh the ending :)
Me likey. Actually, me LOVIE. love love lovie love
And such is an expression only used by me when I seriously love something :)

Now, I might have said before that Drink Deep was a little slow in the first half... but the ending kept me completely captivated. Even knowing who the super evil character, I was still shocked. Shocked I tell you!
There was action, there was drama, there was the deepest of deepest betrayals. AHH!!! IT WAS AWESOME! (wait have I said that already?)
And yes, in typical Chloe Neill fashion, the story is concluded by another--you guessed it-- cliff hanger
But of course this one leaves off a lot (eeeeeeeeeeeeee) better than the one in Hard Bitten.
That one will never be forgotten
Ah yes, I remember how I threw my book metaphorically across the room... good times :)

Me wants Bitiing Cold... Another year of waiting now... it's always the same...

Mini-note thingy:
I don't agree with the cover choice, which looks somewhat cheap and almost plastic-y. The background looks lovely, but the model... o_O
But hey, this is an awesome example of the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" thing. and again, this is only my opinion, feel free to like it if you want :)

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