Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill

Once bitten twice shy, wish you could say that for Merit...

Unwillingly made a vampire in an attempt to save her life, Merit now lives in the Cadogan house as the Sentinel, trying to avoid the unbelievably alluring and arrogant Ethan Sullivan, the House’s Master vampire. The attraction between the two is undeniable yet Merit still pushes him away, not sure what to think...

The Red Guard, an organisation that spies on the Masters and ensures that they never gain too much power, has offered Merit a position, but Merit can’t decide whether or not to accept. Accepting would mean betraying not only Ethan but they entire House that she is tasked to protect.

The shape shifters are all gathering together in one place: Chicago, home to Merit and the three houses. Too bad vampires and shape shifters are sworn enemies... The plan is to vote whether the Shifters should stay in Chicago or leave and return to their homeland. Merit and Ethan have just managed to earn a much needed sliver of trust from Gabriel, an Apex, and in a gesture of friendship Ethan offers Gabriel Merit as a body guard. In an attempt of securing an alliance, Merit and Ethan attend a pre-meeting as security, all hell breaks loose when an assassination attempt occurs, and then later, the body of an Apex is found.

It would seem that someone’s got it bad for Gabriel, and not in a good way. Merit’s got to find out who’s trying to kill Gabriel, and what their motive is, before they get a second chance; but what Merit would never suspect is that the killer is someone very close...

Beware Side effects of reading this book include: Obsession with Chicagoland Vampires, uncontrollable laughing attacks, and unstoppable crying.

**Hyperventilating, and making animated hand gestures** I absolutely LOVE the Chicagoland Vampires!!! And yeah, they’re by Chloe Neill so that just makes them so much more awesome... you’ll notice that the book I read before this was also a Chloe Neill book, haha. Anyway... I’m drifting. Twice Bitten is SO frikin good! Actually, good can’t even begin to describe it! More like miraculous, astounding, splendorific, award-worthy, heart stopping, nail-chewing... just to name a few... :D

The way this book is written is just so easy to read, and understand, but don’t mistake this with being predictable, because it’s anything but. This is a book that keeps you on your toes, if ever it was possible to exercise and lose weight by reading a book, this is it! Haha!

Merit, what can I say... if you look in a dictionary and find the word “Kick-ass”, there’ll be an image of her next to it! She’s an amazing character, brave, strong, adaptable, not to mention stubborn and witty. It’s all these characteristics that either have you clutching at your stomach with laughter or balling your eyes out! Her ability to actually move in nerve-wracking situations is something I respect, not to mention her love for eating! Overall, Merit is probably one of my most favourite, kickass heroines!

Ethan Sullivan, his arrogance causes me to either smile, or roll my eyes. According to his description... put simply he’s hot. But also completely utterly stupid!! I nearly killed him (well, if I could) in this book! I won’t tell you why because it will completely ruin the book for you, but I recommend you read the book and find out.

So, that’s about it. In case my immense praise for this book escaped you earlier, let me remind you... IT’S FRIKIN AWESOME!!!! You won’t regret picking it up! Chloe Neill, I am counting down the days until Hard Bitten is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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