Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hexbound by Chloe Neill

Everyone knows that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lily’s got the power, but can she keep from becoming corrupt?

New to St Sophia’s school for girls, 15 year old Lily Parker’s having a hard time adjusting. Having only recently learnt of the existence of magic as well as other supposedly mythical beings, it’s difficult to accept that she and her roommate, Scout, along with many other seemingly normal people, possess magic. Magic can be useful for example: fending off horrible creatures of the night, but with the pros come the cons: having too much power, or need for power, can turn you to the dark side.

Magic is unpredictable, it can have the power to save or destroy, but the thing is, magic only stays with its wielder for a short while before disappearing; there are those that know that the time has come and let the power pass on, the Adepts, and then there are those that keep the tightest grip on their power as possible. They are known as the Dark Elite and will stop at nothing to keep their power, but holding onto power is not as easy as it may seem and the only method of doing so is to prey on the power of others. Having witnessed the Dark Elite’s cruel acts, Lily has sworn never to join the dark side.

The appearance of grotesque creatures causes Lily’s suspicions to turn on the Dark Elite; she wouldn’t put it past them to do something so horrid. Lily must uncover the secrets of the new creatures before they are discovered by someone or become a real threat. School girl by day and Adept by night, Lily not only has to deal with the safety of the city, she’s also got to deal with average teenager troubles, such as the rich snobs at school and her ever increasing crush on Jason, oh, did I mention he’s a werewolf? :)

Just to shake it up a bit, she’s also been having secret meetings with Sebastian, a gorgeous and powerful boy who just happens to be a member of the Dark Elite. His concern and cryptic, yet helpful, remarks leave her more confused than ever, causing her to wonder if the world is as black and white as it is believed to be...

Wooo Hooooo!!! I’ve finally been able to read this book! If you’re a fan of Chloe Neill, (I bet you are, or will be) then you know how entertaining and engaging her books can be. Her Dark Elite series is probably more for teenagers, but can still be enjoyed by all ages. It’s entertaining, with very cute scenes between Lily and Jason. I’m a sucker for cute romances. awwwwww. Anyhoo, it's very quick to read, easy to understand, and the like.

Lily Parker is very loyal and dedicated to the Adepts; her power is strong yet not quite controlled, giving her a dangerous edge. She’s a quirky and interesting character with many strong and admirable traits. She’s definitely courageous, well, as courageous as a fifteen year old can get I suppose. Thinking back on all that she’s been through it’s a miracle she hasn’t checked herself into a hospital... :D Yeah, I don’t really discuss each and every one of the characters, but I’ll give a brief summary of the others. They too, are very unique all of them with completely different personalities. This is going to sound quite corny but it’s their differences that make them all so compatible.

Overall it’s an awesome story which is very well written, and might I repeat myself... awesome.

Bonus points for the super pretty cover!!!

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