Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crossing Over by Anna Kendall

The land of the dead is a dangerous place to be... and so is the land of the living

Roger Kilbourne can cross over to the land of the dead... he just needs immense pain to do it. Of course inflicting the pain doesn't bother his uncle, Hartah, who takes advantage of Roger's "gift" whenever possible.

So when the promise of a better life comes along, Roger grabs it with both hands and hangs on. Roger's new life at the royal court, though tiring, is a better life than he ever knew. He has food, water, shelter and nobody beats him... Unfortunately things don't go as planned and Roger falls love with the flirtatious Lady Cecilia, and in doing so unknowingly draws himself into a world full of politics and danger...

And when Roger's "gift" is noticed by the Queen, his new simple and good life will be turned upside down...

Decisions must be made by everyone, but the ones Roger has to face can either help or destroy, one wrong step and all that he loves could be plunged into the land of the dead...

When I read this book's summary I thought, wow! This is gonna be one good book! And it was! My one problem is Roger. The main character is a selfish coward, and he keeps reminding himself that too... What annoys me is that he doesn't bother to do something about it! At the end, he comes through but his decision causes lots of confusion! I loved Maggie and Jee, and I just can't accept how Roger doesn't see a good thing when it's right in front of him!

Of course there wouldn't be a story, and the book wouldn't be as good, if Roger was perfect... because, let's face it, nobody is!

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