Sunday, May 3, 2015

Midnight Musings: On Past Me

Going back and reading my past posts has been a cringe-fest, to say the least. I don't know how I feel about my tween self... or rather, I know how I feel all too well.
I was far too enthusiastic, overly excited and blatantly abused the capslock button... None of which has particularly changed.

It's just funny to have things to go back on and look at. I read through some of my reviews and I'm like "Oh, really now past me, is that what you thought?". While they're an embarrassing reminder of my teen years, I guess they also offer a means through which I can connect with my past self. It's interesting how much these posts give insight into how a felt, and acted only just a few years back, and how much I've changed.

I guess it'll be interesting to look back in a couple more years time, when I'm a lot more acquainted with the ways of the world and see what I think then.

I'm back?

Hey all,
It's definitely been a while... say a couple of years?
I've only just recently stumbled across this blog again and I can't help but want to start blogging again. Things have definitely changed in the past couple of years, I don't read as much, for one. But that's solely due to my lack of time to do so and needless to say, I still enjoy reading immensely.

It's been a fair while, and my skills are a bit rusty. It took me several goes to even log into my account haha
I guess I'll kick things off with baby steps. A couple of reviews here and there. I'm hoping to just blog about little things that interest me in addition to books. Crafts, fashion, the state of the world.
Anything goes, right?

Wish me luck xx